Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge

At Langer Primary Academy we strongly believe in the importance of reading and encourage all pupils to read at school and at home as much as possible!

The children at Langer each have their own reading folders with a reading diary which they bring to school and take home every day. Pupils are provided with a book from the relevant key stage reading scheme and can also choose a book of their own preference from our school library.

The children's reading diaries are checked daily and those who read FIVE TIMES or more at home with an adult are entered into our Reading Challenge draw! Each week, one child from each key stage is randomly selected to win a brand new book of their choice from our varied selection!

We keep a record on display of each child who is entered into the draw each week so that we can celebrate those pupils who are reading frequently at home as well as those who win!

Here are a few of the specific benefits children derive from reading and listening to books:

  • Strengthening a bond between the child and adult reader
  • Experiencing the pleasure of escaping into a fantasy world or an exciting adventure
  • Developing a favorable attitude toward books as an enrichment to their lives
  • Stimulating cognitive development
  • Gaining new vocabulary and syntax
  • Becoming familiar with story and text structures
  • Stimulating and expanding their imaginations
  • Stretching attention spans
  • Empathizing with other people's feelings and problems
  • Learning ways to cope with their own feelings and problems
  • Widening horizons as they vicariously learn about the world
  • Developing an interest in new subjects and hobbies
  • Understanding the heritage of their own and other cultures
  • Learning new knowledge about nature
  • Bringing history to life
  • Stimulating aesthetic development through illustrations
  • Exploring artistic media used in illustrations

Excerpt from Elementary Children's Literature: The Basics for Teachers and Parents, by N.A. Anderson, 2006

"There is overwhelming evidence that Literacy has a significant relation ship to people's life chances. It is vital that children enjoy reading - motivation is essential for acquiring Literacy skills. Reading for pleasure is more important than either wealth or social class as an indicator of success at school" - The Reading Agency 2015.