Read, Write, Inc.

We are a 'Get Reading, Keep Reading, Change Everything' school. We use the highly successful Read, Write, Inc. Phonics programme to teach our children to read, write and spell. Our children do well in the phonics screening check by Year 2, the majority are fluent readers with the best chance of success in the Key Stage 1 SATs tests.

Ruth Miskin Training recognises us for teaching the Read, Write, inc. programmes with fidelity and passion - we know what it takes to make Literacy pleasurable and rewarding for our children. The badge recognises that we:

- Raise standards in reading and writing for our children

- Are all expertly trained by Ruth miskin Training - including our Headteacher Mrs Bartholomew

- Gain the latest programme updates through regular visits from our Ruth Miskin trainer

- Release our reading leaders to ensure our high standards are maintained.

The Read Write Inc. programmes combine into a complete literacy programme rooted in the new national curriculum for children aged five to eleven. They are designed to stimulate and challenge children’s thinking and create enthusiastic, lifelong readers and writers.

Five key principles that underpin the teaching in all Read, Write, Inc. programmes.

- Participation - our teaching strategies ensure that all children participate fully in the whole lesson - there is no chance for children to lose concentration and miss key elements of the teaching.

- Praise - children work together, as partners, taking turns to teach and praise one another and they are motivated by the focused praise they receive from teachers and teaching assistants.

- Pace - a lively pace keeps all the children fully engaged.

- Purpose - teachers know the purpose of every activity and how it leads into the next.

- Passion - it is easy for teacher to be passionate about their teaching because they see their children make sure rapid progress.

Please click on the link below to view Phonics training that was provided for EYFS & Key Stage 1 parents:

Phonics Training

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Speed Sounds

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A Glossary of terms

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Thank you for your continued support. This support is invaluable and truly appreciated from all the EYFS and Key Stage 1 team!