Teaching & Learning

At Langer Primary Academy, classes and teaching areas are organised to create a vibrant and exciting learning environment, which supports different learning styles and enables us to engage children through a more relevant and meaningful curriculum. A personalised approach to learning allows individuals to achieve their full potential. As a result of this, children enjoy learning, and develop and improve their life skills, along with the very important key skills of reading, writing and mathematics.

“The classroom environments support learning and celebrate pupils’ achievements effectively. Pupils are keen to display their work, thus demonstrating that every pupil is valued. Classrooms are well resourced, and pupils access equipment independently as they require it.” (Ofsted, January 2016)

Children respond enthusiastically to new challenges, because they are encouraged to take responsibility for and ownership of their learning and to reflect on what they are learning and doing. Whenever possible, lessons enable children to connect with real-world learning experiences using an enquiry based approach and learning by doing. Children are encouraged to reflect on and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses, and play a key role in peer assessment.

“Teachers create learning opportunities to support the progress of all pupils. Consequently, for example, pupils who are unsure or who misunderstand a concept take full advantage of opportunities to review their learning again. Additional individual and small-group sessions are highly focused, and pupils use intense dialogue that allows them to clarify their understanding, thus preparing them well for the next lesson.” (Ofsted, January 2016)

Our curriculum identifies opportunities across the curriculum for children to apply their core knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics, Science and Information Technology through themes and real life experience. It is designed to build upon prior learning without repetition. Planning for all subjects is carefully interwoven so children learn to transfer knowledge and skills effectively. A systematic approach is used to develop core knowledge and skills in English and mathematics throughout the school and there is a high level of subject knowledge and expertise shared across the staff.

All children are given a voice and involved in planning and decision making. They are encouraged to take on positions of responsibility and leadership. Even the very youngest child is expected to take responsibility for their learning and environment, and their contribution to the life of the school and wider community is recognised.

To obtain further information in relation to the curriculum at Langer Primary Academy please get in contact with your child's class teacher or Miss Metcalfe.