Special Educational Needs

SEN Vision Statement

Langer Primary Academy is a caring and inclusive school. Our aim is to promote excellence in teaching and enjoyment in learning as the foundation for success in life through a rich, broad and balanced curriculum. We believe that we make a difference by creating a safe and stimulating environment where our children and families feel happy and secure. We want every child to be able to engage actively in learning and so be able to reach their full potential in all areas of school life knowing that they are cared for and supported.

We value all children equally whatever the differences in their abilities or behaviours and believe that every child matters. We aim to meet individual needs and provide opportunities for children to make good progress. Children should enjoy reaching their goals and have this achievement celebrated. We will work with children, parents and outside agencies to ensure that special needs are understood and appropriately supported. Early identification and assessment of need, allocation of resources, close monitoring, quality first teaching and the use of a relevant and differentiated curriculum will support children’s learning. This will be part of a planned programme of support and evaluation. All children will enjoy and fully participate in the life of the school, and make a positive contribution to the school community. As the children grow and develop they will become more independent and confident in their learning.

Langer Primary Academy's SENCO is Miss Donna Oddi.

Our SEND policy has been updated following changes to the law and statutory guidance from September 2014 and to reflect the Special educational needs and disability code of practice: 0-25 years (July 2014). It sets our vision and principles for children and young people with SEND.

Click the following link to view our new AET Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy: AET SEND Policy

Information about SEN provision specific to Langer Primary Academy is available in the SEN information report below.

School Information Report updated Nov 2017

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - A guide for Parents and Carers

Special Educational Needs Reforms 2014 - A Parent’s Guide

SEND Reforms Newsletter: Newsletter


As a governing body we are currently working on developing our accessibility policy in accordance with the Equality act 2010. We will be publishing this on the website as soon as possible.

Accessibility Policy

We are currently working on updating our SEND policy to reflect the changes in the SEN code of practice 2014. In the meantime, information about SEN provision at Langer Primary Academy is available in the SEN information report.

Click the following link to see our SEN School Information Report.pdf

Click the following link to see - Special educational needs and disabilities - a guide for parents and carers

Click the following link to see Special Educational Needs Reforms 2014 - A Parent’s Guide

Special Educational Needs Reforms 2014 - A Parent’s Guide.pdf