All adults in the school have a responsibility for maintaining a high level of care for the safety and welfare of the children. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of every child. Matters of concern, whether they relate to home or school, will always be treated confidentially. Please make early contact with the school to discuss such matters.

Please click the following link to view our safeguarding policy Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

It is important that telephone numbers, emergency contact and medial details are kept up to date with the academy office.

Senior Designated Safeguarding Person - Mr Paul Moore (Executive Headteacher)

Second Designated Safeguarding Person - Mrs Sarah Gorski (Family Liaison Manager)

To make a Safeguarding referral you must contact Customer First:

Telephone Number

0800 800 4005

Suffolk Customer First

Prevent Lead - Mr Paul Moore (Executive Headteacher)