Friends of Langer Primary Association (F.O.L.S.A.) was formed in 1978. There have been many changes of committees but being an 'association' means that anyone who links with the school can be a member. F.O.L.S.A. works hard to host events and raise money to benefit the children of the academy. There are a variety of ways that we fundraise and many projects we are involved in which benefit the children. We are also members of PTA UK, and Net mums.

F.O.L.S.A. aims to provide the children with a range of new equipment and resources; these have been paid for by our different fundraising events. Here are just some of the things we have paid for over the last 25 years:

- School trips (One of the biggest things we pay for is some or all of the coach fares)

- The Library

- Library books

- Science week

- Whiteboards

- Garden equipment

- School playground apparatus

- Friendship bench

- Year Six BBQ, SATs week breakfasts and autograph books

- The Christmas tree and decorations

- A small gift for each child at Christmas

- Christmas crackers for the Christmas lunch

- Subject equipment for R.E., P.E., Art, Music, etc.

F.O.L.S.A. runs many events throughout the school year for children and parents; to raise money for the school, to get to know the parents and for the children to enjoy. Below is just a range of the events that we run:

- Summer fete

- Teas & coffees for Sports Day, Special Assemblies, the Nativity & Parents Evening

- School discos (the children’s favourite)

Events are generally where we need the most help, if you think that you could spare time to help, we would be very grateful. Even if you could only help at one or two a year and help is gratefully received.

At the moment, our committee is really small but friendly and full of enthusiasm. We are parents and friends of the school with children in class from Early Years to Year 6. The committee works hard to make sure events and fundraising goes as smoothly as possible and we are lucky to have support from parents, friends, governors, local business and the staff of LPA.

BUT, we really do need lots more volunteers and members for our committee…it will not take up much of your time. Even if you don’t want to be a committee member you may have talents that we could use!

If you would like any further information about F.O.L.S.A, you can contact us by talking to the school or emailing

Chairperson: Michaella Cruz

Secretary: Penny Bonnet Reserve: Rhiannon Macdonald

Treasurer: Karen Miller Reserve: Lisa Wilson

Committee Members: Rachel MacGregor, Sarah Ford, Alison Hudson