Community Room

We are very lucky to have a dedicated Community Room within the school. We use this room for a range of purposes within school as well as allowing the local community to use it too. Since the closure of the Sea Breeze centre many of there groups are now run in our community room. We have very close links with The Oaks Children's Centre which is linked with health services, schools, training and employment services and other organisations to provide a wide range of services.

Family Liaison Manager

Mrs Sarah Gorski is our Family Liaison Manager as well as the Alternate Designated Person for Safeguarding, who is based in the Community Room. Mrs Gorski provides pastoral care to pupils to ensure their wellbeing, health and safety within the school. Mrs Gorski supports children who are at risk of social exclusion and their families so they can participate fully in home and school activities in order to achieve their full potential. Mrs Gorski promotes good attendance of pupils at school to enable them to learn effectively by working closer with Mrs Ruffles and the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO).

Mrs Gorski works with families, accessing resources, to help increase their involvement in the education and welfare of their children, through running the Family Learning Project. Mrs Gorski also attends all Children in Need (CIN), Team Around the Child (TAC), Child Protection (CP) and Looked After Child meetings (LAC). Mrs Gorski also monitors the SEN pupil passports and liaises with parents if these are not being completed.

Mrs Gorski is available throughout the day to support parents and families, if you would like to speak to Mrs Gorski then please contact the school on 01394 283065 and press 5 for the extension to the Community Room. Alternatively please make an appointment to see Mrs Gorski by contacting the School Office.