At Langer Primary Academy we are proud to embrace the many different cultures and languages in Felixstowe. We engage with families from all backgrounds supporting new-arrived families and those with English as an Additional Language (EAL) to overcome barriers, and encourage their children to achieve their full potential.

Langer Primary Academy takes children from a range of backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. We value each individual, their uniqueness and the contribution they can make to our school and local community. We provide a safe, caring and enjoyable learning environment. Our school takes its responsibility for educating children to live and work in a country which is diverse in terms of cultures, religions or beliefs, ethnicities and social backgrounds, very seriously.

We believe that every child has equal worth, standing and opportunity, regardless of race, gender, creed and ability, whether they have physical, sensory, emotional, behavioural, specific or general needs. Every child is entitled to experience a broad and balanced curriculum, which is delivered through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum and is matched to the needs of the individual. Its ethos of love and care and its commitment to justice are the foundation of its aims in educating the whole school community to make its proper contribution to society. Through its actions and expectations, it attempts to develop the full human potential in each person, whether governor, parent, pupil or member of staff. This inclusive community is committed to supporting cohesion in our local area and supports families and community projects. We respect the faith, religious beliefs and practice of all staff, pupils and parents and those in our wider community and comply with reasonable requests relating to religious observance and practice.

For Langer Primary Academy, the term ‘community’ has a number of meanings including:

- The school community, the pupils it serves, their families and the school’s staff;

- The community within which the school is located, Felixstowe in Suffolk, and the people who live in the local area;

- The community of Britain - all schools are by definition part of this community; - The global community - formed by EU and international links.