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Our vision is to deliver world class- learning, which drives resilience, leadership, teamwork and motivation and to inspire the next generation to embed and embrace healthy active lifestyles.

Sport Curriculum


Year 7 and 8 are following a programme of study which works on the skills needed to successfully complete the KS4 courses. This mastery of skills means that students will be able to embed the skills needed for success at KS4.

Students develop the following skills across a variety of different sports:

  • Practical skills performance
  • Tactics and strategies
  • Evaluating and Improving Performance
  • Physical Wellbeing and Fitness
  • Teamwork and Leadership.

KS4 Core Curriculum

Year 9, 10 and 11 follow a core PE curriculum where the aim is to inspire students to pursue a lifelong, healthy, active lifestyle in sport. Students participate in wide range of sports. The key purpose of KS4 sport is to instill students with life skills they will need when leaving the academy including leadership, communication and critical thinking skills.

KS4 BTEC Sport Curriculum

Students have the option to study Sport for a formal qualification as well as core PE lessons. Our aim is to deliver outstanding outcomes that allow students to become the employees of choice in the sports industry.

At Kingswood Academy the BTEC Sport course has been designed to provide an engaging, broad and stimulating introduction to the world of Sport and Fitness. Students will study the Pearson BTEC Level 2 First Award in which is equivalent to a GCSE but has the benefit of a larger coursework and practical content. We are assured this is the right pathway in sports and performance for our Kingswood Academy students. BTEC Sport will ensure our students are provided with outstanding chances in life through the grades and experiences they strive and achieve. Students are assessed through coursework tasks that require students to have a broad range of knowledge of different sports rules, official in a variety of sports and to be able to assess and review their own performance.

Unit 1- In this unit students will focus on:

A) Develop a knowledge of the components of fitness and the principles of training

B) Exploring different fitness training methods

C) Investigating fitness testing to determine fitness levels.

Unit 2 - In this unit students will focus on:

A) Developing an understanding of the rules, regulations and scoring systems for selected sports

B) Being able to practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports

C) Reviewing sports performance.

Unit 4 - In this unit students will focus on:

A The short-term responses and long-term adaptations of the body systems to exercise

B Developing and understanding of the different energy systems used during sports performance.

Unit 5 – In this unit students will focus on:

A) Designing a personal fitness training programme

B) Exercise adherence factors and strategies for continued training success

C) Implementing a self-designed personal fitness training programme to achieve own goals and objectives

D) Reviewing a personal fitness training programme.

How do we assess students in Sport?

Each year group will be assessed according to the whole school assessment calendar.


In KS3 students are given feedback throughout their sports each half term to help them develop their performance. Students are then assessed at the end of a unit of work on their performance within the sport but also their knowledge of the sport they have covered to allow all students to make progress within PE.

KS4 BTEC Sport

Each assignment is split into a number of tasks that have clear criteria which the students need to meet to achieve a Pass/Merit/Distinction. Each task has a hand-out and hand-in date. There is then a period of time where the teacher will return the work marked to the student and they have a set period of time to make improvements and re-submit.

Unit 1 is the only examined unit:

This unit has the same grades as internally assessed unit

  • Level 2 – Pass, Merit, Distinction
  • Level 1
  • Unclassified
        • This unit is externally assessed using an onscreen test
        • Edexcel sets and marks the test
        • The assessment must be taken under examination conditions
        • The assessment is 1 hour

Exam Information

Unit Title: Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise

Date: This is a bookable exam and is as such booked when students are suitably prepared for this.

Time: 1 hour

Homework Expectations

Homework is set regularly on Show My Homework in line with the Academy policy. Students may type or write their homework and are able to return via email or in person.



Meet the Sport team

Miss C Williams

Head of Girls PE

Mr A Moore

Head of Boys PE

Miss S Styche

Teacher of PE

Mrs K Hamilton

Teacher of PE

Miss A Drinkall

Teacher of PE

Mr A Andrew

Teacher of PE

Mr D Rouse

Teacher of PE

Mr S Urry

Teacher of PE

Mr O Ellwood

Teacher of PE

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