Our vision is for all students at Kingswood Academy to develop the skills, qualities and attributes needed to live a safe, healthy and successful life in 21st century Britain. Kingswood Academy students will leave not only with outstanding academic qualifications, but with the characteristics and knowledge to ensure they are able to secure the career they aspire to, the lifestyle that will enable them to live long, fulfilling lives and the characteristics to ensure they are engaged and responsible members of society.

PSHE Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to both engage and educate students about a wide variety of personal, social, health and environmental issues in an interesting and lively way. We encourage students to debate and challenge each other’s viewpoints and to reflect on their own learning. Our curriculum is often updated to ensure that we cover the most relevant issues to our students in our area. All statutory requirements are met within the curriculum.


Students at KS3 have 2 lessons of PSHE per week covering two different modules. Year 7 and Year 8 cover topics such as: equality and diversity, e-safety, alcohol and drugs, financial education, first aid, sex, friendships and relationships, self-care, criminal exploitations and careers. Students also partake in a rotation subject focused on developing the skills needed to apply to a job. Students at KS3 complete a careers module with ‘Unifrog’ where they have the opportunity to create case studies of their ideal career and to design their own plan to get there.


Students at KS4 study PSHE during Academic Mentoring Time. As well as this, students partake in careers sessions and talk to ensure they are fully knowledgeable about their potential career. Students at KS4 cover topics such as: safety and diversity, health and well-being and sex. Students at KS4 complete a careers module with ‘Unifrog’ where they have the opportunity to research and investigate potential career paths and University options.

How do we assess students in PSHE?

PSHE is not assessed at any point, but is critical to developing well-rounded, confident and knowledgeable students, prepared for the wider world.