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Our music department maintains the highest expectations from our students and believes that everyone can be successful in developing their musical skills.

We aim to build our students' understanding through state of the art innovative technologies making sure no-one is left behind and by instilling resilience and character into everything they do.

Music is a subject that offers many challenges where continuous valuable feedback accelerates the progress our students make.

Our students are introduced to various music industry practices where the skills and experiences they learn can be adapted across other subject areas to ensure their future success.

Music Curriculum

Year 7

Students are on a taster 4-week rotation studying the concepts of:

  • Note duration
  • Pitch (bass and treble clef)
  • Keyboard skills

Year 8

Students have 1 hour per week provision in music. This builds upon year 7 experiences. Students continue to study music theory and have the choice of instrument to specialise on. Students have the choice of learning drums, guitar, keyboard or vocals. It is expected that students should be at least grade 1 standard at the end of year 8 in their chosen instrument.


Students in KS4 will continue to develop musical skills in preparation for year 10. In year 10 students begin to follow the BTEC first Level 1/2 certificate in Music.The units covered include:


  • Unit 1 The Music Industry
  • Unit 2 Managing a Music Product

Option of 2:

  • Unit 5 Introducing Music Performance
  • Unit 6 Introducing Music Recording
  • Unit 7 Introducing Music Sequencing

How do we assess students in Music?

Homework is set to support learning in the classroom this will normally be based on music theory, which was covered in the lesson to further support and develop understanding. In Key Stage 3 this will be 2 weekly. All students are expected to revise the week prior to assessment week. This will be set using Show My Homework. Students will also find the codes for online homework in their workbooks, which can be noted into planners also if a problem should occur with show my homework.

All Key Stage 3 students are expected to practice on their own instruments on a daily basis. This should be for at least 30 minutes to ensure instrumental skills are developed at the required rate of progress.

Homework Expectations

Homework is set weekly for each class using Show My Homework.

For KS3 the homework will be focused on using a take-away menu to complete a variety of activities which will enhance students’ understanding and development in their current topic.

At KS4 homework is centred around learning key literature quotation and English-specific terminology.

All class teachers may set additional homework at their own discretion.



Meet the Music Team

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Head of Music

Mr Perkins


Mr Root

Teacher of Music

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