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Technology is constantly changing and we have a responsibility to keep our students up to date. The world revolves around technology and we aim to give students the best possible chance to thrive in such an environment.

We teach the basics of Computer Science through our KS3 rotation and offer students the chance to study ICT at KS4. Where possible, our courses are linked to industry and aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in that context.

ICT Curriculum

In KS3 we have focused projects that give students exposure to the basics of IT and Computer Science. These projects build on one another and give students the chance to experiment with programming techniques within a project that mirrors the IT software life cycle of Design, Implementation and Testing.

Currently we offer the Cambridge National in Creative iMedia Certificate Level 2. This is equivalent to a GCSE. The Creative iMedia course has been developed to inspire and enthuse students to become technology savvy – to become producers of technology – and computer-based products and systems, rather than just consumers of them.

The course is made up of 4 units; 2 mandatory and 2 optional units. Unit R081 and Unit R082 are mandatory units and we have selected R085 and R087.

Unit R081: Pre-Production Skills

R082: Creating Digital Graphics

R085: Creating a Multipage Website

R087: Creating Interactive Multimedia Products

How do we assess students in ICT?

In KS3 students are given feedback throughout their projects to help them develop their work. Students’ projects are then assessed at the end of the rotation cycle.

In KS4 students are assessed each Learning Cycle (four times a year) based on the content they have covered in that cycle.

Each assignment is split into a number of tasks that have clear criteria where the students need to meet to achieve a Pass/Merit/Distinction/Distinction*.

Exam Information

R081 is the only examined unit:

    • This unit is externally assessed by a paper exam
    • OCR sets and marks the test
    • The assessment must be taken under examination conditions
    • The assessment is 1 hour 15 minutes
    • No. of marks available is 60 marks
    • The assessment can be taken multiple times throughout the course

Homework Expectations

Homework is set regularly on Show My Homework in line with the Academy policy. Students may type or write their homework and are able to return via email or in person.



Meet the ICT team

Mr O Ellwood

Head of ICT

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