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“Our vision is to enable all students to excel, both academically and personally. We work collaboratively to create a culture of excellence and a passion for learning English; inspiring resilience, imagination and curiosity within young minds”

English Curriculum


Year 7 and 8 are following schemes of work carefully developed to foster engagement and provide the necessary skills for entering the GCSE curriculum in KS4. The skills have been stripped back and embedded into our schemes of work allowing students to become confident and articulate writers. Over the course of KS3 students will engage with a variety of Literature as well, including Shakespeare, Gothic Fiction, Non-Fiction texts and play scripts. Alongside our KS3 curriculum runs out Literacy scheme which has been carefully planned to drive high standards of literacy, oracy and promote reading for pleasure.


All students will complete both a Literature and Language GCSE in Yr 11 that they will begin their learning for in Yr 9. In Yr 9 we teach our texts through promoting a passion and curiosity for their contexts and broader themes. In Yr 10 we develop our close analysis skills and begin to unravel the language and structure within texts, unpicking them in depth to allow for perceptive analysis. Yr 11 is then focused on refining our knowledge while supporting students with those all-important exam skills.

Our Literature texts are Romeo and Juliet, A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls and Power and Conflict Poetry.

How do we assess students in English?

We have a thorough and rigorous assessment schedule where all students in all key stages are given the opportunity to showcase their ability in the topic. Following this, they receive individual feedback and areas for improvement for them to act on and improve. At the end of each half-term students complete a summative assessment in that topic as well as following the academy’s PPE schedule.

Every week students complete an extended piece of writing which emulates the style of an exam question specific to their current topic. This is then marked and each student is provided with individual feedback.

Exam Information

English Literature Paper 2 8702/2: Modern Texts and Poetry

2 hours 15 minutes (60%)

Section A

Modern Text: An Inspector Calls

Section B

Poetry: Conflict and Power cluster

Section C

Unseen Poetry

English Language Paper 1 8700/1: Exploration in Creative Reading and Writing

1 hour 45 minutes (50%)

Section A - Reading

One Literature Fiction Text

Section B - Writing

Descriptive or Narrative Writing

English Language Paper 2 8700/2: Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives

1 hour 45 minutes (50%)

Section A - Reading

One non-fiction text

One literary non-fiction text

Section B - Writing

Writing to present a view

English Literature Paper 1 8702/1: Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel

1 hour 45 minutes (40%)

Section A

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Section B

19th Century Novel: A Christmas Carol

Homework Expectations

Homework is set weekly for each class using Show My Homework.

For KS3 the homework will be focused on using a take-away menu to complete a variety of activities which will enhance students’ understanding and development in their current topic.

At KS4 homework is centred around learning key literature quotation and English-specific terminology.

All class teachers may set additional homework at their own discretion.



Meet the English team

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