Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is the pinnacle of the Kingswood Academy calendar and is a fantastic way to celebrate the achievements of students throughout the year. This is an exciting red carpet event where VIP guests and students' families come along and join us in celebrating the achievements and contributions of our students in the last academic year.

The evening contains a series of award ceremonies which celebrate the hard work and dedication of students over a wealth of categories. This are interspersed with phenomenal performances from students throughout the evening.

Kingswood Academy has developed a reward system which is underpinned by the Key Drivers which we build our academy on and encourage all students to aspire to be. The reward system allows the opportunity for all students to be recognised for their contribution and effort within lessons and across the Academy.

Rewards are given to recognise and celebrate successes and achievements at Kingswood Academy. There are many ways students can earn rewards:

Positive conduct card signatures & Star rewards

Demonstrate the Key Drivers outside the classroom to get a signature. The conduct card is carried at all times. One side collects signatures for poor conduct; the other side collects signatures for positive conduct. Once you have filled a conduct card with 5 positive signatures, it is cashed in for a star on the reward chart.

Below are some examples of what you may receive a positive conduct signature for;

    • Being polite.
    • Picking up rubbish.
    • Supporting and helping other students.
    • Being a good citizen.

Consistently demonstrate the academies Key Drivers within lessons and receive stars to put towards academy rewards and vouchers.

Students can be allocated a star on the reward system for modelling the following key values:

    • Having the highest expectations
    • No excuses
    • Valuing feedback
    • Outstanding learning
    • Ensuring everyone is valued
    • Never giving up

When students are rewarded the stars are placed on their reward charts in their Academic Journals. This allows students, parents and academic mentors to see when and why students have been rewarded.

Below are just a few examples of how stars could be collected for each key driver;

Once students accumulate 50 stars, they can collect a Golden Ticket from reception which can be redeemed against a range of reward events throughout the year as nominated by students through the academy prefect system.

A further 50 stamps allows students to collect a gift voucher as chosen by students.

House points

Contribute to house competitions to earn points for entry and for being placed first, second or third. House points are collected over the year and ultimately determine the winning house team. House points are awarded by the Principal and the house leaders. Each year the winning team are treated to a special events day.

Golden Ticket Events

Golden Ticket events form a fundamental aspect of our rewards program. Through the year students have the opportunity to gain a golden ticket by demonstrating the key drivers within lessons and across the wider academy. Events are hosted throughout the year and students can choose which event they would like to participate in. Suggestions for events are taken from the student body and range over a variety of categories to appeal to all students.

Reward Assemblies

Each half term students are recognised for their positive contribution to the academy with reward assemblies. This includes recognition from subjects for their outstanding attainment or outstanding progress and celebrations for 100% attendance and exceptional behaviour.