Special Education Needs Department

The main aim of SEN Support is to ensure that Kingswood Academy does everything it can to enable all students; regardless of ability have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

This is done through:

    • Ensuring that all pupils have access to a curriculum which has been differentiated appropriately to the individual’s ability
    • Breaking down ‘barriers to learning’ and giving the students the opportunity to access a relevant and appropriate curriculum
    • Ensuring the investigation of each case where a student may require additional provision as soon as a concern is expressed by staff, parent/carer and/or pupil
    • Investigating and facilitating the most appropriate interventions
    • Sharing information with staff
    • Putting in place the most appropriate exam access arrangements within statutory guidance and legal frameworks

To identify and assess students who may require the support of the SEN Team, the following information is considered:

    • Data and information provided by staff at Kingswood Academy and outside agencies
    • Information from previous schools
    • Information from parents/carers, for example, results of tests by medical staff
    • Initial and regular screening for literacy difficulties

The team also supports students who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Educations Health and Care plan provided by their local authority.

The team consists of a SENCo, and LSAs who can provide individual, group and in class help and support for pupils with Special Educational Needs. Staff assist children with their educational and social development outside of the classroom to enable students to fully access the high quality teaching within the classroom for all subjects. They also organise and run break time, lunchtime and after school interventions.

We are constantly researching and investigating new interventions to effectively support our students. We aim to ensure that all pupils can access the curriculum and make as much progress in line with their potential.

Meet The Team

Ms. S. Mark

SEND Coordinator

Mrs. G. Overton

Learning Support Assistant

Miss. E. Green

Learning SupportAssistant

Miss. E. Nichols

Learning SupportAssistant


“In primary I never had any friends. I only spent time with my own family. It was quite sad really. The support I’ve had from this school has really helped me open up to other people more than I could have ever imagined”.

Year 8 Student

Learning Support Department

‘A pupil has SEN where their learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision, namely provision different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age. Making higher quality teaching normally available to the whole class is likely to mean that fewer pupils will require such support.’

(SEND Code of Practice January 2015)

What Ofsted said Feb 2018

Teachers know pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities well. Staff are provided with additional pupil information from the special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) and adapt their lessons accordingly to take account of pupils’ needs. This, combined with effective collaboration with support staff, ensures that pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities are well motivated and enjoy their learning.

The high-quality support for current pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities is allowing them to make very good progress.

Leadership of the provision for pupils who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities is strong. These pupils make very good progress.

Leadership of the provision for pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities is a strength. The small group of teaching assistants are deployed strategically and support pupils effectively. Leaders regularly evaluate their own effectiveness and that of their team. This leads to appropriate staff training or the appointment of staff with additional skills and/or qualifications. Consequently, pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities make very good progress.

SEN external Audit April 2019 - David Bartram OBE

The SENCO works closely alongside class teachers to support differentiation and curriculum development, so that teachers improve the quality of teaching for all pupils. During the learning walk, it was apparent that class teachers had high expectations of pupils with SEND in their classes.

The individual needs of pupils with SEND are communicated effectively to ensure that teaching strategies are effective. Staff find the weekly SEND bulletin a helpful resource that provides practical solutions for ensuring that pupils with SEND can access the curriculum.

Class teachers recognise their responsibility for teaching pupils with SEND and are given the tools and support from senior staff to ensure that the strategies they use are practical, relevant and effective.

From their different starting points, and considering their individual academic and non-academic needs, pupils with SEND achieve some of the best results nationally. Pupils at SEND support in 2018 made exceptional progress.