Curriculum Intent

Students work through the government’s statutory guidance for the PSHE curriculum, enabling them to become healthy, independent and responsible young people by the time they leave secondary school. Students will be given the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions for various aspects of their lives, such as sex and relationships, online safety, citzenship, financial management and well-being - giving them strategies to reduce risk and take a positive, active role in society.

PSHE Whole School Curriculum Contribution

All students have an inner-belief and ambition to fulfil their dreams and live a happy and successful life.

The PSHE curriculum aims to provide students with accurate and relevant information about personal, social and health issues pertinent to themselves, their community and the wider world. Students will be regularly challenged with new, unfamiliar information and scenarios, allowing them to build aspirations and resilience. In PSHE, lessons are centred on discussion, debate and reflection that develops students’ ability to express their opinion, acknowledge the impact of the wider world on themselves (through units such as global citizenship), and to develop appropriate oracy skills to instil in them the confidence to make bold choices in the future.

All students leave our academy with first-rate qualifications:

Although students at the academy do not complete a formal qualification in PSHE, students will be formatively assessed in lessons as well as completing start and end of topic summative assessments to demonstrate their progress within each unit. Students are given the skills, knowledge and confidence to break through barriers that may hold them back in achieving their full potential while at the academy, supporting them to explore topics relevant to their lives and gain advice on their personal journey through secondary education and beyond.

All students develop exceptional character:

PSHE lessons are founded upon the discussion, exploration and reflection of a range of personal, social and physical issues. Students are asked deep and challenging questions, and given the opportunity to reflect on the thoughts and ideas of an expert. Up to date and relevant publications are used to stimulate discussion and the acquisition of knowledge, to encourage students to be able to give holistic and well-informed opinions. Students are able to challenge each other's viewpoints in order to develop an open mind and growth mind-set. Lessons are adaptive and responsive to current issues in society - such as Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ issues - and the community that surround them, encouraging students to probe into the cause of these issues, considering why they have arisen and reflect on how they would personally respond.

All students leave our academy with high levels of cultural and global awareness:

Students are taught throughout the key stages to value diversity of others, developing their emotional intelligence and understanding of tolerance within society, at both a local and global level. A wide and adaptive curriculum explores social, political and environmental issues, including modules such as ‘How can I create positive relationships?’; ‘How can I protect all people in society?’, ‘How does society work together?’ and ‘World Citizenship.’ Topics are balanced between focus on the role of the individual student in their own community, with how national and global issues are affecting society and invites students to research, explore and challenge the status quo.

All students leave with an array of positive memories that last for a lifetime:

The PSHE curriculum demands high levels of engagement and focus from students. Lessons are built upon engaging material around pertinent and relevant topics such as consent, social media conduct and anti-social behaviour. Staff use distancing techniques to help students explore difficult and sensitive topics, building trusting and caring relationships. Furthermore, lessons centre upon examples and case studies in order for students to feel confident in discussing the material in a non-judgmental environment. Additional drop down days such as the ‘My Protected Characteristics’, and assemblies delivered by external agencies such as the Y7 British Heart Foundation ‘Restart a Heart’ Day, Y9 Humberside Fire Safety Project and Y10 Humberside Police Sexting Assembly provide students with positive memories that last for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about PSHE or Sex and Relationships education, or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the curriculum, please contact Mrs K Balding