Student Learning

At Kingswood Academy, we have very high expectations of our students, both inside and outside of the classroom. We want our students to leave the academy both with a fantastic set of qualifications and as a well-rounded individual who has a vast array of opportunities ahead of them. In order to help our students achieve their highest potential, we have very clear Key Drivers which we expect all our students to embody on a daily basis. We believe that the Key Drivers play an essential part in students becoming mature, responsible young adults who are ready for the wider world.

To accompany our Key Drivers, we have created our own Student Learner Categories. It is expected that all of our students are classed as at least as a ‘good learner’ within these categories. If a student does not meet these expectations, they will be regularly challenged by staff until an acceptable standard is met. Students who continually fail to meet this standard will be placed on the report system whereby their daily conduct is monitored.

An outstanding learner must:

    • Be on track to exceed or meet their academic target in your subject.

    • Have an attendance record of 98% or above.

    • Always complete all class work to the best of their ability.

    • Always complete all homework tasks to the best of their ability.

    • Demonstrate oracy skills that allow them to communicate well and hold high level conversations.

    • Ask insightful questions of their teachers and peers; they can articulate their opinions and they consistently justify their ideas.

    • Volunteer answers to questions without being prompted.

    • Always welcome and seek out feedback from their teachers and their peers.

    • Always respond positively and thoroughly to feedback whenever it is given.

    • Have the ability to work independently for extended periods of time if required.

    • Arrive on time to every lesson fully equipped with a pen, green pen, pencil, planner and Conduct Card.

    • Immediately display active listening when requested.

    • Consistently meet all the elements of the Kingswood Academy Presentation Standard in every lesson.