Show My Homework

At Kingswood Academy, homework is used to extend learning outside the classroom by accelerating achievement and promoting independent learning.

It is considered that homework can improve the performance and outcomes of students by up to five months when it:

  • Prepares students for learning which they will do in the near future.
  • Allows students to practice what they have recently learned to embed the knowledge and understanding further.
  • Increases the amount of study time.
  • Gives students the opportunity to work independently in their own time.
  • Allows students to access resources and materials not necessarily available in lesson time.
  • Helps students learn how to manage their time effectively in preparation for GCSE.
  • Enables parents to see what kind of work is being explored in school.

Homework Club

Each student should access homework and resources electronically using Show My Homework.

Students can use the academy Library and computer rooms at lunch times and after lessons for research and homework. Pupils should also be encouraged to do this in Academic Mentoring where possible.

Students can attend Homework Club for advice and support completing their homework. In Homework Club, resources such as paper, pencils, rulers, calculators, felt-tips and ICT facilities will also be available. The club will be in the ICT area on the 1st floor on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 15.10 until 16.10.