Academy Mission

All students have an inner-belief and ambition to fulfil their dreams and live a happy and successful life.

All students recognise their academic worth and are prepared to make bold choices in order to secure places, and thrive, at the most reputable and highest performing colleges, universities and world-class employers.

As a national beacon of educational excellence we will ensure that:

    • All students leave our academy with first-rate qualifications: Qualifications that ensure all doors remain open, giving our students the platform to compete and thrive on a global stage.
    • All students develop exceptional character: Character that exemplifies a true growth mind-set; a phenomenal work ethic; confidence and high levels of grit, resilience and determination; ensuring they are fully prepared to flourish in an ever-changing world.
    • All students leave our academy with high levels of cultural and global awareness: Awareness that develops through diverse experiences that enrich our students, enabling them to engage in, empathise with, challenge and debate current affairs beyond their local community.
    • All students leave with an array of positive memories that last for a life time: Memories that are created from students, staff and our community being fully invested in forging exceptional relationships based on trust, care, high expectations and a passion for genuinely making a difference in their life.

Kingswood Academy Curriculum

Our students follow a curriculum intended to develop their intellectual, physical, social and emotional potential to the fullest. We have implemented programmes of study for our students that will develop their curiosity for learning, the skills they need to feed that curiosity and also the personal drive they need to learn independently. Programmes are constructed to deliver outstanding learning by offering rich and deep learning experiences within a framework that utilises educational research, modern technology and incorporates global themes.

The increasing diversity of our students in terms of culture, language and faith has enriched our learning and working environment. Throughout their time with us we ensure that our students understand that everyone is valued. We celebrate diversity, honour British traditions and respect each other’s faiths and cultures. We challenge stereotyping and prejudice in all its forms and we work hard to develop the confidence and resilience our students need to challenge injustice in their own right.

Throughout the curriculum we set the highest expectations for all students. Our Character Education programme allows students to set their own life goals and develop a positive view about their importance in the world. We believe that their possibilities are limitless and regardless of their starting point all students can make exceptional progress. We accept nothing less than an excellent attitude to learning from our students; there are no excuses. Our students are expected to embrace feedback about their work, their conduct and their demeanour. This relentless focus on doing your best, in every aspect of your life, every day, gives our students the very best chance of reaching the highest possible grades at the end of Year 11, which leaves open the doors to a myriad of opportunities once they leave our care.

Subject teams deliver the key skills of literacy, numeracy and information technology but also develop the skills and knowledge that underpin success in GCSE courses studied later in the academy. Repetition is used in some subjects to revisit themes so that learning can be deepened and enriched as students move through the curriculum. Teachers are expected to adapt learning opportunities so that every student can make outstanding progress every lesson. Our older students are guided to make choices that allow them to specialise in particular areas of study, focussing on their personal interests and long term ambitions but there are no restrictions on the options an individual can take.

We want every student to find the Kingswood Curriculum engaging, challenging and thought provoking. The curriculum is designed to produce well rounded young people who are an asset to their community, make a positive contribution to the world economy, are resilient learners and have a never give up attitude to life.

Examination Courses Offered

The academy is offering the following examination courses to be completed in 2019: