Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to our website. I hope you find it informative and that it gives you an insight into our unique academy and the fantastic students that our academy serves.

I am very proud to be Headteacher at Kingswood Academy; a school rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted. We are also an academy where on average our students make three quarters of a grade more progress, across all subjects, than other students do nationally; putting us in the top 2% of all schools nationally.

Our Vision is: 'to deliver world class learning, which places no limits on what young people can achieve' and we are rapidly becoming 'a national beacon of educational excellence in Hull'.

As a national beacon of educational excellence we will ensure that:

  1. All students leave our academy with first-rate qualifications: Qualifications that ensure all doors remain open, giving our students the platform to compete and thrive on a global stage.
  2. All students develop exceptional character: Character that exemplifies a true growth mind-set; a phenomenal work ethic; confidence and high levels of grit, resilience and determination; ensuring they are fully prepared to flourish in an ever-changing world.
  3. All students leave our academy with high levels of cultural and global awareness: Awareness that develops through diverse experiences that enrich our students, enabling them to engage in, empathise with, challenge and debate current affairs beyond their local community.
  4. All students leave with an array of positive memories that last for a lifetime: Memories that are created from students, staff and our community being fully invested in forging exceptional relationships based on trust, care, high expectations and a passion for genuinely making a difference in their life.


Ultimately our Mission is to ensure that: ‘all students have an inner-belief and ambition to fulfil their dreams and live a happy and successful life.’ We are passionate about our students ‘recognising their academic worth’ and making sure that they are ‘prepared to make bold choices in order to secure places, and thrive, at the most reputable and highest performing colleges, universities and world-class employers.

Key Drivers

Underpinning our vision for educational excellence are our 6 key drivers:

These aspirational and inspirational core principles are central to everything that we do and were jointly created by students and staff to drive the academy forward. At Kingswood Academy, we live and breathe these key drivers with an unwavering passion and determination to ensure that our students receive the best education; we will not settle for anything but the best, and will not rest until the academy is truly great in all areas.

World-Class Teaching and Learning

We are truly passionate about Teaching and Learning and this is central to everything that we do. We firmly believe that when every teacher:

    • Is passionate about changing life chances of young people
    • Is passionate about Teaching and Learning
    • Truly loves their subject
    • Makes learning interesting, fun and relevant
    • Knows the detail and nuances of the exam specifications
    • Forges excellent relationships with all students
    • Is strict but fair
    • Is proven and knows how to deliver top notch results
    • Is passionate about delivering outstanding learning (every lesson, every day)
    • Has a true growth mind-set;

then genuine sustainable school improvement takes place. We are passionate about ensuring every classroom in our academy is filled with this type of teacher.

House System

We are also very proud of our competition-based house system. The aim of the house system is to build teamwork, confidence and community through competition. We see the house system as an ‘activator’, a vehicle to motivate and encourage students to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. There are four houses:

Every student, and every member of staff, is affiliated to one of the houses and they compete to earn points for their house. Students can earn points for good attendance and for making rapid academic progress. They can also earn points by entering house competitions such as: photography, dance, cookery, poetry, chess, talent shows and sports day to name but a few. You name it, we’ve got a competition to enable everyone to get involved. We want every student to gain the confidence and belief to compete and experience what it feels like to be part of a successful team. The house system also exposes our students to team camaraderie, team spirit and having a united mission/goal.

Academic Results

In 2018, for the fourth year running, we celebrated our best ever GCSE results. We again, had significant increases in the number of students achieving grade 4 and grade 5 in both English and Maths. Our progress scores were excellent too and our Progress 8 score of +0.74 means that we are now one of the top performing schools in Yorkshire and ranked 129th out of 6648 schools nationally. In 2018, 61% of our students were disadvantaged and our Progress 8 score for these students was +0.66. Our SEN student's Progress 8 was +0.88 showing that all students at Kingswood Academy make good progress in every subject, regardless of their starting point and background.


Our last Ofsted inspection took place in February 2018 where Kingswood Academy was rated ‘good’ in all categories. The Ofsted report was extremely positive and outlines the vast array of improvements which have been made over the last three years on our journey from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Good’.

Inspectors commented:

    • “The school has improved in many ways as a results of the Headteacher’s passionate and determined leadership.”
    • “Over time, leaders have worked relentlessly to improve pupils’ outcomes. In the last two years, the progress of pupils has improved significantly, including in mathematics and science. Pupils now make progress that is above others nationally in most subjects.”
    • “Disadvantaged pupils and pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities make very good progress in most subjects. The high-quality support for current pupils who have SEN is allowing them to make very good progress.”
    • “The quality of teaching has improved and is now good.”
    • “There is a strong culture of safeguarding throughout the school. Pupils feel safe and appreciate the genuine care and support offered by teachers and other staff.”
    • “The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils show respect for each other, staff and the school environment”.
    • “Pupils’ attendance is now above others nationally.”
    • “Governors are ambitious in their expectations of leaders. They make regular visits to the school and have an accurate understanding of its strengths and what needs to be improved.

Our Journey

This Ofsted report, along with our 2018 results, show that Kingswood Academy is now a truly great school. There is still room for further improvement though, and the leadership team and I are not complacent. We will not be satisfied until Kingswood Academy is truly ‘Outstanding’ in all areas and we are working tirelessly with staff, students, parents and governors to ensure we achieve our vision of turning Kingswood Academy into the national beacon of educational excellence that this community deserves.


Finally, the best way to see a school is to visit it during a normal school day, to see the school in action. We are so confident that you will be impressed by our day-to-day provision that we would encourage you to just arrive at our reception, at a time and date that suits you, request a tour and I or another member of our senior team will be more than happy to provide you with a comprehensive tour of our academy.

Richard Westoby - Headteacher

If you require further information or a discussion about your individual requirements please in the first instance contact our reception on 01482 879967 or email contactus@thekingswoodacademy.org.

Dale Jackson - Executive Headteacher

Welcome to Kingswood Academy and welcome to the Academies Enterprise Trust.

Our vision at Kingswood Academy has delivered clear impact, impact which is improving the life chances of our students. This in turn, is supporting the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) in making its own vision a reality. At the AET we are passionate about delivering world-class learning; passionate about employing and developing world-class staff; and passionate about creating world-class communities.

We strive to ensure that we are:

  • the education provider of choice for students;
  • the employer of choice for staff;
  • and the investment of choice for parents.

At the AET we truly believe that all young people deserve to become world-class learners – to learn, enjoy, thrive and succeed. At both Kingswood Academy and the AET our staff receive excellent CPD.

Good quality robust line management, in-house leadership and career development programmes and a clear focus on continuously improving teaching and learning at all levels is ensuring we recruit and retain the best staff. We are continuously looking to recruit and develop ambitious, driven, dynamic staff with a positive mind-set and solid work ethic.

Via the system leadership model, Kingswood Academy is now supporting the improvement of other academies within the trust. We are sharing our expertise around curriculum, improving outcomes and delivering impact with the ‘Pupil Premium Funding’ to name but a few areas.

This system leadership model is providing superb CPD opportunities for our own staff as well as further improving the Academy through our close working relationship with other Academies and a focus on our own areas for development. This model is supporting us in achieving our vision of turning Kingswood Academy into a beacon of educational excellence.

Dale Jackson - Executive Headteacher