ICT and Computing

(Working with Technology on a carousel rotation) Programming with Kodu.

Animation with Scratch and 3D animation.

Making videos on e-safety.

Teachers of ICT and Computing

Ms S Jeffs - Subject Team Leader

Year 8:

Programming with Python and making a video on e-safety.

Theory of computers.

Learning Flash, Fireworks and Photoshop.

Year 9:

Computational Thinking

Python and Algorithms

Representing data: Images, Sound and Text Cryptography Technology in the future: A project using Prezi

Year 10 (Edexcel - 2-year course)

Creative Digital Media Production

First Award - Level 1 or 2

First year:

Unit 3: Digital Moving Image Production

Unit 6: Website Production

Second year:

Unit 1: Digital Media Sectors and Audiences (written exam - 1 hr)

Unit 2: Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product

Computer Science (AQA)

Skill building on a visual basic program language

Year 11 - (Edexcel - Last year)

GCSE ICT - theory preparing for year 11 exam. Animal Shelter project

Computer Science (AQA)

CS - Theory preparing for year 11 exam and undertaking controlled assessment piece

Year 12

OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3

(Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in IT)

Unit 1 Fundamentals of IT - Exam

Unit 2 Global information - Exam

Plus 3 Optional units

Year 13

OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3

(Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in IT)

3 pieces of coursework on the below topics; moderated by OCR.

Unit 4 - Computer Networks

Unit 16 - Developing a Smarter Planet

Unit 17 - Internet of Everything


Students do not need to buy any ICT software. The software used at school is mainly the Adobe and Microsoft Office suites. A free alternative to Microsoft Office can be downloaded from www.downloadstaroffice.com

Also, Animation in Scratch – download for free from http://scratch.mit.edu


IT Jobs for our Sixth Form


We run a variety of extracurricular activities on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during lunchtime. Students can use Game Maker for free, Blue Cam and Flash animation, movie making and digital photography. No experience is necessary.

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