RE, Citizenship and PSHE‎

Faculty Vision

To reflect critically on all aspects of human society and culture, past present and future...

To help students grow in their understanding of the world, it’s past, its present, its people and the links between the subjects. Students will be inspired to learn about and question what they see around them, broadening their horizons and expectations. With the hopes of developing student’s ability to form opinions based on reasoning and understanding as well as encouraging respect and tolerance of others.

Associated Teachers

Mr S Dray - Director of Faculty

Mr M Bibby - Social Sciences Team Leader

Ms K Kapila - Social Science Teacher

Curriculum Organisation

The Social Sciences faculty is made up of a number of departments. Each department has responsibility for organising their curriculum in line with NC GCSE or A Level requirements.

The subjects which currently make up the RC (Citizenship, RE, PSHE) sub faculty are:

RC (Citizenship, RE, PSHE)

Key Stage 3 - 1 period per week (RC lessons)

Key Stage 4 - GCSE Citizenship option classes (5 periods over 2 weeks). 1 period every two weeks (RC/PSHEE lessons); and as part of tutor & assembly programmes.

Key Stage 5 - A2 Level Citizenship 5 periods per week. As part of tutor & assembly programmes.

Government and Politics

Key Stage 5 - AS and A2 level 5 periods per week.


Key Stage 5 - AS and A2 level 5 periods per week.