Here at Kingsley Academy, we believe that Reading and Writing are the building blocks for the rest a child’s education.

Kingsley Academy Books

Here at Kingsley Academy we have our very own in-house publishing company - Kingsley Academy Books (KAB) - which means that we are able to commission and publish books and other material for public consumption. The company, which is registered, also has a bank of ISBNs meaning we are only ever a few steps away from our next publication.

In lessons, we:

  • Share key vocabulary for the subject with the pupils;
  • Remind pupils about the ‘ingredients’ of the text type they are writing;
  • Remind our pupils how to speak properly (no ummmms or ‘sort of like’s)
  • Mark and correct pupils’ writing regularly

What do we do about Reading?

  1. In Year 7 and Year 8, pupils take part in the AR scheme and interventions are put in place if we are worried about their progress.
  2. Pupils ‘Drop Everything and Read’ during DEAR time every day. That’s 100 minutes of reading every week, 63 hours in a school year!
  3. English teachers monitor the books pupils choose and challenge when appropriate.
  4. Pupils who do really well in reading and comprehension will be rewarded with lots of Vivos and there will be Vivos worth £30 for anyone who manages to read 1 million words!

What do we do about Writing?

  1. Teachers display the key words from their subject so pupils know how to spell them and use them.
  2. When pupils are writing an extended piece of work, teachers will build on the existing knowledge pupils learned at primary school.
  3. Teachers will be using a new method called Teach4Writing to help pupils with extended writing. Pupils will be learning lots of new ways to improve their writing like cold tasks, hot tasks and magpie phrases!

Word of the Week!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Word of the Week. Pupils will be taught a new word each week. See if they use this word at home! We will be looking out for its use in school and pupils who use it in the correct way will be rewarded with Vivos.