Kingsley Academy launched Show My Homework, an online tool to help you keep track of your child’s homework in 2016. Show My Homework allows you to see the details of the tasks your child has been set, as well as their submission status and grade. We hope that Show My Homework will improve your child’s organisation, time-management and help them to keep on top of their workload.

We strongly encourage you to regularly monitor your son’s/daughter’s homework by logging on to SMHW website.

Please refer the attached guide SMHW - Parents -- Logging in on a browser

If you encounter an error on the Show My Homework website you may need to clear your browsing data. Click here for instructions - this only applies to the Chrome browser.

Homework should be seen as preparation for the next lesson(s) and is an integral part of the curriculum. It is set regularly with each student having a weekly homework timetable.

How often is homework set?

Years 7,8 and 9

  • English, maths and science: 9 per half term or 3 per fortnight on average
  • history, geography, MFL: 6 per half term
  • technology, drama, art, PE - 1 per half term

Years 10 and 11

  • English, maths, science - 12 per half term
  • options - 6 per half term

How long should you child spend on homework?

Rough guidelines:

  • Year 7 - 20 mins per subject
  • Year 8 - 30 mins per subject
  • Year 9 - 40 mins per subject
  • Year 10 - 45 mins per subject
  • Year 11 - 60 mins per subject

Your child should also record homework in his/her planner which is issued termly. The planner is designed to be a practical link between the home and the school; the homework timetable is written in here. Please check your child’s diary and books to ensure that homework is noted, completed to the best of the child’s ability and neatly laid out.

All students will have access to SAM learning, an ICT-based homework resource available to anyone wishing to extend their homework tasks; other subjects give access to other websites, some of which need passwords and logins.