Creative and Performing Arts Faculty

Our exciting and innovative Creative and Performing Arts programme encourages creativity, develops confidence and teaches valuable art and work skills. We work with some fantastic partners, including companies and internationally recognised artists.

The Arts at Kingsley

Art, dance, drama, music and PE are integral to the Kingsley experience of every child, and throughout the school a wealth of opportunities are provided for pupils to develop their skills and to enjoy participating as fully as possible in the arts. The school enjoys considerable success in gaining arts-based scholarship awards at senior schools.


Children have the opportunity to experiment and engage with a variety of different mediums and materials. They will progress through a range of activities including drawing, painting, printing and three-dimensional work in order to exercise their creativity and to better understand their surroundings. As they learn to take risks and experiment within a safe and fun environment, we hope they will engage more fully with their learning and be better prepared for the changing world in which they live. These skills and the talent of the children are developed alongside an understanding of theory and the history of art. Our policy is not founded on competition but on celebrating every child’s personal artistic style.


Music has a prominent role at Kingsley. Each child learns music in class with specialist music teachers throughout the school. Through singing, playing, listening and composing, children develop their musicality and confidence. Our music program has creative, cultural, aesthetic and academic values that complete and further the educational and social values of the quality education Kingsley Academy strives to provide. The music department is responsible for helping all children understand and enjoy music. It assists in discovering and nurturing musical talent. Every child will have the opportunity to develop their potential for musical expression through exploration, experimentation and enrichment.


Every student is involved in physical education in Kingsley Academy. The aims of the PE department are to inspire and motivate students to participate and have a love for Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport, to give students the opportunity to develop their physical literacy, confidence and resilience when participating, to deliver an inclusive programme which meets local and individual needs with strong links to the local community and clubs, and to develop the understanding of the importance of making choices which lead to a healthy active lifestyle.

Ms C Quinn Larkin - Director of Faculty

Mrs A Fiddes-Kapadia - Subject Team Leader - PE

Ms S Arkorful - Subject Team Leader - Art & Design

Ms R Clements-Gander - Art Teacher

Mrs G Turner - Art Teacher and Technician

Mr D Eustace - PE Teacher

Mr M Pitts - PE Teacher