Student Voice

Students at Kingsley Academy are viewed as young people with important things to say. They need different forums for their voices to be heard. We will always listen to what they have to say, although we may not always agree. Ultimately, the teachers are the trained professionals but we can learn from our students and amend our practice if we see that improvements can be found in other ways. Students can share their views in a number of ways:

Informal, ad hoc

  • Suggestions box in the foyer
  • Form time discussions
  • Chats with teachers
  • Lesson discussions

Formal, planned

  • Year group councils (representatives from each form in the Year group)
  • Student Parliament*
  • Questionnaires
  • Lessons such as citizenship

*Student Parliament 2018 - 19

The Student Parliament tries hard to be as representative of the student body as it can be. In 2017, its format has changed. It is now divided into two parts:

1. Student Parliament (SP)

  1. Led by the 2 Head Students
  2. An advisory group to the Student Executive
  3. 2 representatives per form group, making a SP body of about 64 students
  4. Reps seek tutor group views, pass these to the Head Students who use them to collate the SP agenda
  5. Discussion of the issues which are minuted
  6. Minutes shared with tutor groups; student reps explain

2. Student Executive (SE)

  1. Led by the Principal
  2. A decision-making group
  3. 2 reps per year group, selected from among the 64 SP reps, making a SE body of 14
  4. Meet with the Principal after the SP meeting to share the minutes
  5. These are discussed and decisions made
  6. Decisions shared in assembly by relevant year reps

What did the Student Parliament do in 2018?

  • SP logo
  • Canteen logo - Kingsley Kitchen (KK)
  • Kingsley Kitchen furniture
  • Colours for toilets
  • Buddies for the Bullied
  • Assemblies about litter
  • Began writing our manifesto
  • Agreed a new way of working
  • Met visitors eg Ofsted
  • Began to discuss House system