Sixth Form Student Voice

At Kingsley Academy, we are always asking for feedback from parents, local community and students. This is what our 6th form have had to say about their experience with us.

“Kingsley Academy is a great place to study. The teachers are extremely supportive and committed to ensuring each student reaches their full potential. I would recommend Kingsley Sixth Form because it has a thriving learning environment.”

Janani, Year 13

“Achieving my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award has definitely been a highlight of my time at Kingsley. I have also enjoyed playing a role in the organisation of many charity fundraising events, as I feel passionately about helping those in need. I would advise younger students at Kingsley to make the most of all the opportunities they are given in order to gain invaluable experience.”

Samrah, Year 13

“As a Sixth Former, it was my responsibility to be a role model for all younger students at Kingsley. As well as being a role model for others, I was responsible for representing the Kingsley Academy at various events and fixtures. I really enjoy attending this Sixth Form which has such a welcoming and friendly environment.”


“There is a supportive network of teachers here who are focused on ensuring students realise their abilities and potential in order to help us achieve and reach our individual targets”


“I would recommend Kingsley Sixth Form because it has a welcoming atmosphere and has outstanding teachers who are dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals and helping their students achieve to the best of their ability. At Kingsley Sixth Form you feel part of a big family.”

Edward, Head Boy, Class of 2015

“Kingsley Academy has a great learning environment where you receive help and consistent support from teachers throughout the day. Students are hard workers determined to meet their potential and encourage others to meet their targets. I aspire to study economics and politics at the University of Leicester.”

Adam, Year 13

“The school is very well organised and functions in the interest of the students. The teachers are very helpful and are highly prepared in giving not only targeted feedback but feedback that can be taken and used to develop. After my studies, I will be taking a gap year and aim to get a job related to computer science in order to achieve a career in computer science or ICT through University or an apprenticeship .”

Fraser, Year 13

“Kingsley Academy is a great environment for learning. It is a very vibrant, multicultural and diverse school. Staff are very helpful, especially the Sixth Form Team. After Sixth Form, I am aiming to go to Kingston University to study adult nursing. ”

Amarah , Year 13

“Sixth Form in Kingsley Academy is amazing. It is a diverse and accepting culture which promotes values that help individual develop personally and academically. There is an excellent variety of courses, with a helpful and professional staff. Students in Sixth Form are all responsible young adults. I aspire to go to either West London University or St. Mary University to study computer science this year.”

Peter, Year 13

“Kingsley Academy is a great school. The staff has always helped and supported me when needed. The sixth form team are helpful and caring and are always willing to assist in our learning and boost our grade potential. I aspire to become an economist and hope to achieve this by studying eEconomics at the University of Leicester this year.”

Goravdeep , Year 13

“Kingsley Academy has a strong sense of diversity and encourages an anti-bullying motto. This allows and ensures all students feel safe and are ready to learn. The staff are supportive and consistently motivate students to do well and encourage everyone to reach their potential. Kingsley Academy Sixth Form provides a very comfortable, suitable and engaging environment to complete our studies but also to achieve our dreams. Students are encouraged to engage in extra-curricular activities which boost independent skills.”

Sara , Year 13

“Kingsley Academy is a highly organised school with great teachers and motivated students. Every student has a unique and inspiring dream and the staff aim to help and develop skills students can use to achieve their dreams. Sixth Form encourages a friendly environment with a highly motivated ethos to ensure both staff and students reach their potential. I wish to pursue a career in games development, through support I have applied to study computer science at City University of London, Kingston University and Royal Holloway. I aspire to start my own company in the future.”

Rahul, Year 13

“Kingsley Academy sixth form has a diverse and welcoming environment which helps students to focus and interact with other. Teachers and staff are amazing and provide ample opportunities for students to excel in their field of interest but to also meet their target and potential. I want to become a successful criminal lawyer and will hope to develop the key skills and knowledge through studying law at City University of London.”

Raveena, Year 13

“The school and the sixth form provide excellent support through the teachers, resources and also students. The sixth form team are very helpful and support students in a unique and tailored way to ensure students are comfortable and achieve their best.

Megna, Year 12

“Kingsley Academy is very diverse with a large number of different cultures, this creates a high level of comfort and security at school making students want to come to school and learn. The school has great teachers who are always supporting and teaching in a fun and memorable manner. Staff encourage to keep students up to date on careers and opportunities so they can plan their future. I aim to study and develop skills to become a successful business man and eventually become a sole trader.”

Jamal, Year 12

“Being a student of Kingsley Academy is delightful because it helped me make new friends and achieve good grades that would help me in the future. Teachers at Kingsley Academy are supportive and helpful, always ensuring students work well to the best of their ability. I hope to go to University and study film with media studies, and the sixth form us helping to reach this goal. ”

Sandra, Year 12

“Kingsley is a good school. Studying in the school from secondary school and now at sixth form has been eye- opening and inspiring. The school has always been diverse and ensure students have a voice in the school.

The school has always provided support, aid and advice to ensure every student does their best. The sixth form team provide excellent support and are flexible to ensure the student is comfortable and safe yet always excelling in their subjects. The sixth form team has allowed to develop skills such as time management which allows me to plan for the future.”

Elizabeth, Year 12

“Kingsley Academy is like my family. As a new student from a foreign country, I was able to make new friends from students of all different cultures. The teachers are very helpful and always guide me on the right path. They provide incredible support to students. I look forward to going to university and studying architecture.

Aleksandra, Year 12

“Kingsley Academy is a fantastic school to be in because it has provided me with the opportunity to get the best grades with excellent facilities and teachers. It also helped me meet new people from around the world and learn about different cultures. Teachers help me achieve my targets and goals. In the future, I hope to go to University and study psychology.

Davis, Year 12

“I am a very happy student to be attending Kingsley Academy because the community allows students to be prepared for challenges in the future. The teachers and staff all go the extra mile so students can do well and achieve their dreams. In the future, I plan to go to university to study art and make Kingsley Academy and my teachers proud.”

Barbara, Year 12