Sixth Form Courses

Level 3


Paint and pencils, link to Art and Design page.

The Art Department has a very diverse teaching staff that is both art and design trained. Thus the course is broad and challenging. The project briefs allow opportunities for visits to galleries, life-drawing, etc. MORE


DNA, link to Biology page

Biology is an exciting branch of science concerned with all living things. The course aims to deepen your knowledge of areas including disease and the immune system, introduce you to new areas like biochemistry. MORE

Business Studies

Booklet with bar chart and planning sketch, link to Business Studies page.

Do you want to work in a small or medium sized business? Are you interested in starting a new business in the future? Do you have the skills to be a successful entrepreneur? MORE


Chemistry is the fascinating study of all matter, and possibly the oldest recognisable practical science with roots in the alchemy of the middle ages.

Modern chemists play a vital role. MORE

English Literature

A-Level English Literature is a demanding but extremely interesting course and follows on from the study of texts begun in GCSE English and English Literature. MORE

Film Studies


Geography AS / A-Level is an exciting course that develops field work techniques, literacy and career skills. It also provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the world around them. MORE

Government & Politics

Government and politics is about power and conflict. Amongst other things you’ll examine the world’s major political ideologies. You’ll explore the nature of humankind. MORE

BTEC Health and Social Care 2/3

This course is brief led with a selection of mandatory and optional units, that explore all aspects of health and social care. MORE


Battlefield, link to History page.

An AS or an A Level in History gives you knowledge and skills which will prepare you for higher education and which are also useful in any career. More


Computer monitors, link to ICT page

This course will provide learners with the opportunity through applied learning to develop the core specialist knowledge, skills and understanding required in the IT sector. MORE


Shapes, equations and formulas, link to Mathematics page.

If you enjoy challenges, problem-solving, thinking and algebra, you should consider Mathematics. MORE


Water droplet - link to Physics page.

Physics probes at the very heart of matter, from a tiny atom to the huge universe. MORE


Portuguese flag, a link to Portuguese page.

You can develop your reading, writing skills and your confidence in Portuguese. MORE


Magnifying glass over a many faces from different ethnic backgruonds, a link to Sociology page.

Sociology looks at how we shape and are shaped by society. It examines how we socialise with others. MORE


Typical Spanish coastal resort, link to Spanish page.

If you prefer to stay in your own corner of the world and are not open to new cultures: don’t read on ... if you can answer yes to any of these, Spanish is for you. MORE


Football on a football pitch, link to Sport page.

A broad basis of study for the sport sector. MORE

Level 2

Art & Design

Abstract painting, link to Art & Design Level 1/2 page.

The BTEC in Art and Design is a vocationally based course designed to give the opportunity to explore different media and prepares you for further study in art and design subjects. MORE