Year 11 (KS4)

A message from Year 11 Year Leader: Ms A Cripps

With Year 11 upon us, it’s hugely important that students, staff and families are all working together to give our children the best possible platform to achieve their targets. This will clearly be the most important year of your child’s education so far, concluding with the GCSE public exams in the summer. I will continue to be their Year Leader and the tutors for each tutor group will be as follows:

11P - Ms G Turner

11Q - Mr L Manzini

11R - Ms S McCarron

11X - Ms K Dragun

11Y - Mr S Dray

During Year 11, there will be a wide range of initiatives in place to support your child’s progress over the academic term in the build to their exams including the following:

  • After School Faculty Revision (Nightclub)
  • Revision Workshops
  • Pre Public Examinations (PPEs)
  • Pre Public Examinations (PPEs) Assembly
  • Form Time Intervention (Maths and English)
  • Breakfast catch up Intervention
  • Walking Talking Mocks
  • Half Term Revision Sessions
  • Personalised Learning Checklists (PLCs)
  • Revision Booklet/ Website Revision Resources
  • Motivational Videos
  • Motivational speakers
  • Targeted Mentoring
  • Parental Engagement
  • Targeted Assemblies / sessions
  • University of Roehampton: Enriching young women – A programme that supports a cohort of young women throughout Years 10&11 to achieve their potential
  • Motivational speakers – designed to focus students on achieving their aspirations
  • Attendance close monitoring – students with attendance concerns placed on report for a specified period of time to raise attendance
  • Year 11 GCSE Information evening
  • Year 11 Targeted Evenings – An identified cohort of students invited in for meetings with both the Principal and Senior Vice-Principal to discuss their
  • Year 11 Subject Evening – an opportunity for parents/carers to meet with all teachers to discuss their child’s progress
  • Two Progress Review Days – an opportunity for parents/carers to meet with their child’s form tutor and/or Year Leader to discuss their progress in all subjects and set targets for the coming year
  • Careers Interviews – advice and guidance provided for every single student around their career goals

Please check this page at regular intervals for key notices related to Year 11.

The Year 11 Revision Guide has been published now to give Year 11 students a head start on their preparations for the GCSE exams. You can download the full PDF below.


The uniform remains the same for but I wanted to remind you of some of the details:

  • Students should have a bag that is suitable for carrying school books and all of their appropriate equipment
  • Shoes should be plain black leather or leather-like material. Trainers, canvas shoes, pumps (gym shoes) and boots are not acceptable
  • Trousers should be plain black and smart;leggings, skin tight trousers and jeans or jean-style trousers are not acceptable
  • Skirts should be of a reasonable length, just above the knee or longer.
  • The blazer, jumper and tie are regulation Kingsley Academy items which are on sale at ‘School Bells’ (Bell Road, Hounslow), along with the required PE kit.
  • Our students continue to represent the academy around Hounslow and thereforedark coats (black or navy only) should be worn when the weather gets cooler. Other colour coats and hoodies are not acceptable. We have written to you several times already this year to say this, and are following the line of other local schools who have also adopted this policy of smart outdoor wear.
  • Please note these requirements because your child is now in Year 11 and therefore are now positioned as role models for the younger year groups around them. It is considered absolutely unacceptable for Year 11 students not to observe the uniform rules. Please see the website for further details and pictures attached so that you can be sure that your child is wearing the correct item.

Please visit School Uniform & Equipment for Learning for more information.