Parent & Advisory Community Board

Interested Parents / Carers

Kingsley Academy is keen to further develop parental engagement and to work with families to celebrate achievements within the school, and to work together to further improve parent and student experience. Our Parent and Community Advisory Board (PCAB) - meets three to four times a year, to meet with the Headteacher and to discuss the school’s progress, celebrate achievements and focus on a project linked to whole school priorities.

As a parent or carer, it provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in school life. Any interested parents and carers are asked to email the school on : to find out more and express an interest in joining.

It would be great to see as many parents and carers as possible actively involved.

Kingsley Academy PCAB

The Parent and Community Board (PCAB) is a newly introduced supplementary / sub-committee of the main Governing Body (GB), and reports to the governors through a short report and feedback from the Chair. Its aim is to involve parents and carers and the wider community more regularly in the life of the school by listening to their voices and by using their skills, knowledge and contacts to further the educational and extracurricular opportunities of Kingsley students.


  • represents parents, carers and the wider community

  • promotes contributions to the academy from any stakeholder

  • supports admissions and pupil disciplinary panels.

The membership of this Advisory Board must include:

  • a minimum of TWO appointed parents / carers (from unconnected families)

  • other key people from the wider community, including local employers and voluntary organisations

  • the Headteacher.

Elected Members

The Kingsley Academy Chair and Vice Chairs, elected from the members, are currently:

  • Chair : Niina Moliere-Palapa

  • Vice Chair : Jean Kingshott

Other members of Kingsley’s PCAB include representatives from:

  • Local businesses, the Local Authority and Community Police.

The PCAB commitment

The PCAB is committed to:

  • supporting Kingsley in its work with its current pupils

  • encouraging its growth with local primaries and local parents/carers

  • ensuring the voices of parents/carers are listened to

  • working with our local community, such as shops, businesses and the Local Authority

  • promoting better communication between the school and its stakeholders, such as by using our website, tweets, newsletters and community evenings hosted in our school.