Technology helps students develop a variety of skills needed to excel in our ever-evolving technological world. It is a unique subject that brings together all the other important curriculum areas. We provide a real-life context in which students learn industry-based design and manufacturing skills. It is a subject that helps students solve real-life problems and allows them to develop their lateral-thinking skills.

Teachers of Technology

Mr J McFall - Team Leader

Mrs J Meades - Food Technology Instructor

Ms S Idris - Technology teacher

KS3 Graphic Products

Students have the opportunity to design and make realistic and usable products such as drinks cartons and computer game covers. Students learn to be competent in using CAD software as well creating professionally-designed and manufactured packaging products.

KS3 Resistant Materials

Students are introduced to resistant materials by designing and making useful 3D products using materials such as wood and plastic. Our projects are designed to help students become more skilled in using various hand tools in the workshop as well as developing a thorough understanding of the design process.

KS3 Food Technology

This course helps students gain an understanding of the use of different types of catering equipment in food preparation whilst learning about nutrition and healthy eating choices. Students gain a variety of food design and creation skills and an awareness of health and safety practices.

KS4 Graphic Products

This course is intended for students who have chosen to specialize in design and manufacturing with graphic products. Students design and make in two dimensions and three dimensions using various software packages and modelling materials such as plasticine, foam, cardboard and wood. The students should have good hand drawing ability as well as good knowledge of ICT as they will need to present design ideas and information with skill and accuracy.

KS4 Resistant Materials

At Key Stage 4, students have the opportunity to develop the skills gained at KS3 and focus on an area of technology of their choice. This course is intended for students who have chosen to specialize in design and manufacturing using materials such as plastics and wood.

Students will need to focus on the practical aspects of industrial practices, systems and control, together with an associated knowledge and understanding of materials and components, consumer preferences, health and safety, CadCam and aesthetics.

KS4 Food Technology

Students have the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the design and manufacturing processes in food technology. It is fantastic grounding for any budding chef, as they have an opportunity to focus on a food area that will help develop their practical skills. Students learn to have an advanced practical understanding of product development, nutrition, social factors and learn to create well-balanced healthy meals.

KS5 AS / A2 Product Design (Graphic Products)

This course enables students to follow a design-and-manufacture project at an advanced level, where they will be expected to go through the design process in meticulous detail whilst gaining a thorough understanding. Students work in depth on the research, design, development, manufacture, evaluation and modification of a product. There is a terminal exam at the end of the AS and A2 courses to test students' theoretical knowledge of the subject.