Governing Body

The overarching responsibility for Governance of the academy lies with the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) Board of Trustees.

Follow these links for: the Governance Framework of the Trust, the Articles of Association, Master Funding Agreement and each academy Supplemental Funding Agreement.

If you would like access to the academy's governing board meeting minutes, you may request a copy from the Clerk to the governing board.

Kingsley Academy - Governing Board Composition and Key Information

Governance is all about holding management to account. Principals are formally held to account by the members of Local Governing Boards who also act as a ‘check and balance’, ensuring that the various aspects of school-support services provided by AET are also held to account.

Legal status of Governing Boards

Governing Boards are subject to company and charity law. Members of Governing Boards are not legal directors or trustees and are generally protected from personal liability, presuming that they act:

  • diligently, honestly and in good faith,

  • in compliance with prevailing laws and statutory guidance

  • within the parameters established by the AET Trustees

All members of the Governing Board carry equal responsibility for decisions made and are listed in the above table.

Advisory Boards

A critical component of good academy governance is the representation and contribution from other stakeholders in the academy, notably staff, parents and the wider local community, including business and not-for-profit organisations such as charities and faith institutions.

Consequently, there are two further bodies which underpin academy-level governance at Kingsley Academy :

  1. Joint Consultative Committee (JCC), representing employees. The outcomes of JCC meetings will be presented to the Governing Board as a standing item on the agenda.

  2. Parent and Community Advisory Board (PCAB) is the representative body for parents and the wider community, and promotes contributions to the academy from any stakeholder. The PCAB members also support panels for admission and staff and pupil disciplinary matters. The membership of this Advisory Board includes a minimum of 2 appointed parents (from unconnected families), plus other key people from the wider community, including local employers and voluntary organisations.

All of our Employee Advisory and PCAB members are listed in the above table.