Motto, Mission, Values and Vision

Motto: a short phrase to capture our beliefs and ideals

The Kingsley Academy Motto - “Make our Best Better” - means that we will not accept anything but a child’s very best efforts in everything they do. Three examples: if a piece of work is not to the standard the child is capable of producing, it must be done again; behaviour must always be the best a child can display; working as hard as possible is the expectation at all times.

Mission: defines our core purpose, goals, ethics, culture and norms - what we do for the students, the staff and the community

The Kingsley Academy Mission statement - “Outstanding learning - changing lives” - requires that all children are enabled to learn and “make their best better”, thanks to excellent teaching and the widest possible range of opportunities inside and outside the classroom because Kingsley Academy staff know that success in school makes a profound and fundamental difference to the lives of the children in our care. The work we do in school enables our students to develop robust, resilient foundations for their future success and happiness.

Values: are important and lasting beliefs about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable, shared by Kingsley Academy staff and students. Values serve as broad guidelines in all situations. The Kingsley Priorities reflect our values:

We value students and staff who:

  • Are Aspirational and Ambitious
  • Believe that Breadth of experience leads to depth of character
  • Care for their academy and the local Community
  • Demand of themselves the highest standards in all that they do
  • Enjoy and Excel in their learning
  • Face their own Future with confidence, courage and positivity

Vision: an aspirational description of what we would like to accomplish now and in the future, serving as our guide to current and future decisions.

“An ambitious academy promoting academic, cultural and social success for all”.