Academy Day

All students are expected to arrive on the school site by 8.25am and students begin to enter the building, making their way to registration. Exam interventions for Year 11 and clubs run every day after school. You can see more on our extracurricular activities page.

8.30am - 8.45am Registration

8.45am - 9.45am Lesson 1

9.45am - 10.45am Lesson 2

10.45am - 11.05am Break

11.05am - 12.05am Lesson 3

12.05am - 1.05pm Lesson 4

1.05pm - 1.50pm Lunch

1.50pm - 2.50pm Lesson 5

2.50pm - 3.00pm Registration and dismiss

3.00pm - 4.00pm Extracurricular Activities