Staff at Hazelwood Academy

Leadership and Senior Management:

Head Teacher: Mrs Suzanne Lloyd

Deputy Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead-DSL: Miss Giselle Grace

Early Years Lead and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead-DDSL: Miss Lauren Belcher

Leadership Support and Acting DSL: Miss Kristie Brown

SENCO /Inclusion: Miss Natalie Cowcher

Teaching Staff:

Sparrow (2 year olds/E2) : Miss Michelle Kanca (Room Leader/ Teaching Assistant)

Hummingbird (3 and 4 year olds/Foundation Stage 1): Miss Nikki Redford (Room Leader/ Nursery Nurse)

Puffin (Reception/Foundation Stage 2): Miss Lauren Belcher (Early Years/ PSHE Lead)

Robin (Year 1): Miss Laura Daniels (Phonics Lead/Early Reading Coordinator )

Woodpecker (Year 2): Mrs Leah Breeze (Music /PE Lead)/ Miss Yvonne Ward (Humanities Lead)

Kingfisher (Year 3): Miss Kristie Brown (Maths/ Art Lead)

Heron (Year 4): Miss Natalie Cowcher (SENCo/ Inclusion Manager) / Miss Giselle Grace (DSL)

Kestrel (Year 5): Miss Alice Bailey (Science Lead)

Falcon (Year 6): Mrs Katie Welch (Literacy Lead)

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) / Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA): Madame Claire Vallorge

Family Support Worker / Counsellor: Mrs Colleen Smith

Family Support Worker - Early Help: Mrs Angela Tanner

Teaching Assistants/ Learning Mentors

Mrs Amanda Brandon

Ms Hannah Chivers

Mrs Lisa Brien

Mrs Becky Harris

Mrs Monika Wozniak

Mrs Sarah Davidson

Mrs Mel Lynch

Mrs Julieanne Dineen

Miss Michelle Kanca

Mrs Leah Webb

Mrs Julie Gray

Admin Staff

Mrs Niki Lewington - Senior Administrator

Mrs Huma Rehman - Senior Administrator

Mid Day Supervisory Assistants (MDSAs)

Mrs Sunni Bansal

Mrs Amanda Brandon

Mrs Lisa Brien

Mrs Hayley Iles

Mrs Asha Kumar

Mrs Diane Bentley-Pearson

Mrs Monica Wozniak

Caretaking and Cleaning Staff (4)

Mr Kevin Wilson- Buildings Operations Assistant

Mrs Asha Kumar- Cleaner / Casual Lettings Caretaker

Mrs Joan Masters- Cleaner

Mrs Joanna Papps- Cleaner

Catering Staff employed by Edwards and Ward (4)

Mrs Mary Kitson- Catering Manager

Mrs Sue Platten- Catering Assistant

Mrs Hayley Taylor- Catering Assistant

Ms Cassie O’Brien- Catering Assistant