Our Aims and Commitments


1. To ensure that a clear, shared vision underpins the work of all stakeholders.

2. High aspirations for the pupils and academy are shared by all stakeholders.


1. To achieve good in all aspects of our academy practices.


1. To ensure all children’s progress is accurately assessed and regularly tracked, and that measures are embedded across the academy to ensure that they make good progress in reading, writing and maths.


1. All teachers to share good teaching practice and to be considered as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ in their own practice.


1. Teachers to ensure a differentiated, inspiring, creative curriculum stretches all children to reach their full potential by becoming confident, self-motivated and independent learners.


1. To ensure that the staffing structure for the academy provides highly effective support and value for money in relation to the outcome achieved by learners.

Our Commitment

Education is a partnership between home and the academy and we are committed to helping you become actively involved in your children’s education.

Education has a moral and spiritual dimension and this is one of the foundations of the academy. Through assemblies and the daily life of the academy, opportunities are taken to reflect on the lives of others. Children are taught and expected to behave with care and compassion towards each other and those in the wider world.

We believe education is an active process. You will find the children are engaged in lots of practical activities in all areas of the curriculum. Children take part in tasks, which involve choice, independence, responsibility and decision making. We help them to think for themselves and to take account of the needs of others.

We believe that understanding is linked to practical experience and children engage in plenty of “hands on” activities. We have particularly good facilities and we make use of them including the grounds and surrounding environment. Children are taught to value their environment and take responsibility for it.

We believe in quality. We continue to provide the best surroundings, facilities and equipment. In return we expect work of quality from your children. We work to raise children’s standards and expectations of themselves.

Education is about learning to think and understand as well as acquiring vital skills in the core subjects of English, reading, maths, science and ICT. We attach particular importance to reading. This is particularly well resourced, encouraged, taught and supported above all else in the curriculum.

We have excellent facilities for ICT, art, music and drama. We will help children gain their confidence through performance, as well as giving them opportunities to be involved in many different aspects of the arts. Education is about providing opportunities for children, we provide a wide range of experiences for children to see, explore and try. When children display a particular talent we encourage, support and extend it.

Children learn best when they are happy and feel safe. For this reason behaviour is an important aspect at our academy and all children are expected to behave in a reasonable and responsible way towards those around them. Above all, we want children to be happy at our academy, to enjoy each day they spend here and to look forward to what the next day may bring.