Vision, Values & Characteristics

Our Philosophy

Hamford Primary Academy ensures that children get the very best opportunities to achieve the highest possible outcomes and that high quality learning is at the heart of everything we do. Our curriculum is built upon four pillars which are underpinned by our values of happy, helpful and honest.


Some of the greatest predictors of success in life are based on the development of certain characteristics or traits. In order to help the children at Hamford prepare for life in the 21st century, we instil such characteristics, habits of mind and learning attitudes. This includes building learning power, developing growth mindsets and promoting the six characteristics of Hamford:

#Be responsible

#Be curious

#Be resilient

#Have integrity

#Be compassionate

#Be reflective

These characteristics and attitudes are reinforced through our celebration assembly and by engaging parents using the Marvellous Me app and web portal, which teachers use to award children virtual badges for developing the six characteristics.


Percy is our progress penguin. He stands for Progress Everyday, Regardless, for every Child in every Year group. He oversees the children's learning and makes it clear when he sees fantastic and excellent learning taking place.