Hamford Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Each and every child inspired to choose a remarkable life!

Our Mission

To gather and motivate an inspirational community committed to delivering an excellent education that launches children into remarkable lives!

Our Values


  • We are excited to learn
  • We are eager to explore new possibilities and opportunities
  • We are keen to meet our challenges and discover what is possible


  • We encourage and support each other
  • We are big-hearted and welcome everyone
  • We are a kind, caring community


  • We tell the truth and show bravery by challenging wrongs
  • We will not settle for less than excellent
  • Be yourself- celebrate what is unique about you

How do Children get rewarded?

Percy is our progress penguin. He stands for Progress Everyday, Regardless, for every Child in every Year group. He oversees the children's learning and makes it clear when he sees fantastic and excellent learning taking place.