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Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

All applicants are required to achieve 40 points from their KS4 subjects in order to be considered to join our Sixth Form, with subject specific grades being taken into account for their relevant course choices.

Calculating your Attainment 8 score

All of the qualifications achieved in year 11 will have a points value, which when added together should total at least 40.

For certain subjects, the points allocated are obvious: In English Literature, English Language and Maths students are awarded a number as their overall grade. Whatever that number is represents the points carried forward towards the total, e.g. a grade 6 in Maths would give 6 points. The good news is that under the Attainment 8 system, the best score in either English Language or English Literature, and the Maths score are doubled.

In other subjects, where a grade is awarded, please refer to the guide below to calculate the points value:-

G - 1.00

F - 1.50

E - 2.00

D - 3.00

C - 4.00

B - 5.50

A - 7.00

A* - 8.50

For BTEC subjects, the following points are awarded:-

Pass - P1 – 2.5

Pass - P2 – 5

Merit - M2 – 6

Distinction - D2 – 7

Distinction - D*2 – 8

English and Maths

All points from all qualifications count towards the 40 qualifying points. However, students who fail to achieve a 4 in English Language* or Maths will be required to retake these subjects in the Sixth Form. (*Except where they have achieved a 4 in English Literature)

Applicants are required to have achieved a minimum C grade or 5 in relevant subjects to take them at A Level. Where the subject is not offered at GCSE we will take into account the English grade when considering suitability for the course.