There is a proven link between attendance and attainment and we know that children who are in school every day make most progress. The progress that they make is not just in terms of their academic skills but they develop social and communication skills that take them through the rest of their school life and beyond.

We know that most of our parents work really hard to ensure that their children are in school on time every day. We want to thank you for the effort you make regarding attendance and punctuality and reassure you that when they are here every member of staff will work tirelessly to ensure your children makes the most of the opportunities available to them here at Greenwood Academy.

Please do what you can to enable your child to be in school every day to help them achieve this. If there are reasons why your child cannot be in school please let us know as soon as possible so that we can understand the reasons behind the absence and we will work hard to support you


  • Help your child to develop a routine, sleep is so important and many children do not get enough.
  • A morning routine is important too, try to make sure your child has breakfast; it speeds up metabolism and helps them to be more alert at school
  • Make sure lunch and books are organised the night before.
  • Consider the importance of your child’s education when you book appointments or holidays. Where possible book dental and medical appointments after school. If this is not possible ensure your child attends school before and after the appointment and let the school know in advance.
  • Don’t give in to your child each time they complain of feeling ill. If you are unsure send them in with a note explaining your concern and an up to date contact number should the school need to phone you. You may well find that this works and the amount of times your child feels ill reduces. It will help your child develop good habits for the world of work where absence and lateness are rarely tolerated.
  • If this continues, ask to meet school staff it may be an indication that your child is unhappy about something at school.
  • A chiid with a good school attendance record is setting themselves up for a better future once they leave school. School attendance is quoted on job references. Greenwood Academy regularly receive request for attendance history from local colleges and employers.

Help your child to be safe, if your child truants and misses school without your knowledge how do you know they are safe? They could easily become involved in crime, anti social behaviour or drugs.

Truants are more likely to be out of work, homeless and three times more likely to offend than non-truants. Home office research found that 75% of boys and 50% of girls who truant one day per week have already committed offences.