What will I gain from this course?

This course will introduce you to the study of how humans interact and the many factors which can influence the relationships we develop with each other. This course will prepare you to analyse and evaluate sociological theories effectively, and also help you:

• explore the influence of family, education, society, work, and the economy on individuals

• learn about the effects of politics and social differences upon the individual and society

• analyse behavioural, social and other information to draw effective scientific conclusions

• learn about various different type of research methods and how to present results and theories

How is the course assessed? (OCR J696)

The GCSE assessment consists of three examinations as follows:

Unit 1 (B671): Sociology Basics.

1 hour exam with two sections. One half of the exam will be looking at the basic concepts in Sociology from social norms and culture to how we are socialised. The second half is research methods giving an understanding of how sociologists find out about society.

Unit 2 (B672): Socialisation, Culture and Identity.

1 hour 30 minutes examination, 120 marks. You will answer three sections looking at the areas of the family, education and work looking at how each of these affect and are affected by people in this society.

Unit 3 (B673): Applying Sociological Research Techniques.

1 hour. Here you will be given a case study before the exam. You will be expected to use different sociological methods that you have learnt throughout the course to research a topic or issue.