All students will study GCSE Combined Science starting in Year 9 and they will gain two GCSE’s in Science.

Six exams will be taken in the Summer of Year 11 and students will also complete twelve required practical activities during their lessons to develop their experimental skills.

Topics will include: Cell biology, infection and response, chemical changes, structure of the atom, waves and electricity.

Students will develop their analytical and evaluative skills in addition to learning lots of facts and concepts that help to explain how the world around them works.


Science is regarded as an important qualification by employers and further and higher education providers too as even if the Science knowledge is not directly required the skills that you will have developed such as working methodically, problem solving and communicating with others are essential in most careers.

The Study of Science could lead to careers in Clinical psychology, Sports science, Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Music technology, Animal health, Finance, Teaching , Marketing, Law , Photography , Media and film production and Food technology for example.