Media Studies

This course is available as a BTEC Option at KS4.

Media Studies is an exciting course that prepares you for a variety of careers as you will need to use a variety of skills. It also prepares you for adult life in a world where we are surrounded by the media. Media Studies involves the study and creation of film, television, radio, newspapers, magazines and webpages.

It involves the use of a range of information communication technology equipment, including film editing and digital photography. You will have the opportunity to gain Work Experience at Vale FM, present on the radio, editing, directing and producing short films and documentaries.

Therefore, the course will prepare you for your career by enabling you to develop your creative skills, your team work skills, your technical and information technology skills, and in some areas, your performance skills. It will also enable you to think about how the media presents the world to us. It will help you to become a more informed citizen as you consider how people and issues are shown to us by the media. A BTEC First Diploma is equivalent to four GCSE Grades A* – C.