Year 7

Pupils undergo a variety of baseline activities and an introductory module of various to build up their confidence in ICT and build up basic skills required for the rest of the course. They then follow a series of studies to help them; analyse information, present information, modelling information, data handling and control technology.

Year 8

Pupils create a number of pages for a website, firstly to advertise their company, and then as commissions from clients. The assignments include Building a Web site, Information: Reliability, Validity and Bias, Data: Use and Misuse, Public Information Systems and Systems: Integrating Applications, and control and prepare for QCA online tests.

Year 9

Students can elect to study ICT as their “BTEC” option, where they study the new OCR Cambridge Nationals course. This builds on basic KS3 skills and works towards the use of ICT in business. It includes an exam, but is primarily coursework based. For full details, see the OCR website.

Years 10 & 11

Pupils can choose the AQA GCSE course, which is 40% exam / 60% coursework. It allows students to gain a deeper understanding of how computers work, as well as developing their practical skills in using ICT. For full details, see the AQA website.

At Greenwood Academy we have three well equipped ICT rooms. Each room can seat 30 pupils with a computer, and all are equipped with a multimedia projector for video and computer demonstrations as well as a smart board (72″ touch screen) for interactive use. All of our ICT suites are air conditioned with internet access (filtered) available, and a large variety of programs which can be accessed from any computer in the school.

All pupils in KS3 receive ICT lessons. In year 9, students can choose to take the OCR Cambridge Nationals course, which is equivalent to one GCSE. In years 10 and 11, students can choose to take the full AQA GCSE course.