Parking and Arrival by car

Parking and Dropping Off Students

Upon arrival at Greenwood Academy on Farnborough Road, turn onto the access road towards the Sports Block where you will find the academy car park.

For parents dropping off students in the morning we would encourage all drop offs to take place on the road leading to the stadium where there is also a safe turning circle in the stadium car park. Please do not stop on Farnborough road or the roads opposite the academy, particularly Pixhall Walk as we would like to ensure our neighbours are not inconvenienced and it will increase the safety level of pupils. Your support in ensuring all Pupils are safe is appreciated.


Visitors should proceed to the gates on the left of the main building where there is a pedestrian route through to the Main Reception.

Main Reception

Please note the opening times of the Main Reception at Greenwood Academy:

Monday - Thursday 08.00 to 16.30 hours

Friday 08.00 to 16.00 hours

Any messages that you wish to leave via the main switchboard will be dealt with as soon as possible.