Teaching & Learning

Greensward Academy's approach is based on delivering excellence in learning and teaching. We will encourage creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching for all students. This will ensure a continuous and consistent focus on student achievement and development in all areas. We will drive innovation in education ensuring Greensward is able to respond to a changing world and that the skills, learning and aspirations of our students are developed and enhanced through creative personalised learning and excellence in teaching.

At Greensward Academy we provide a personalised curriculum to suit the needs of our students and our curriculum aims are as follows:-

  • To implement the basic and national curriculum and meet all statutory requirements.
  • To prepare students for post-16 education, vocational needs and leisure and recreational habits.
  • To provide a breadth and relevance of learning opportunities for all abilities.
  • To challenge each student to strive for excellence in his or her own terms.
  • To provide a mixture of directed and investigative learning which ensures equality of access and opportunity for all students, in a variety of appropriate teaching styles.
  • To provide factual content and develop cross-curricular skills, especially information communication technology and language, stimulate academic and physical progress and personal development.
  • To emphasise the 'wholeness' of the learning experience and its pleasures and rewards and thus develop self-motivation.
  • To emphasise the importance of Literacy and Numeracy across the curriculum.
  • To emphasise the place of technology across the curriculum and its relevance to the whole community.
  • To ensure that the Special Educational Needs' Code of Practice meets the requirements of all students irrespective of their academic abilities or needs.
  • To acknowledge that people come from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds and promote tolerance through an effective pastoral programme.
  • To ensure that all students can benefit from all the resources that the Academy can offer.
  • To foster a considered approach to choices to be made both within a student's life at Greensward Academy and at 16+ and 18+.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for their own growth by reflecting on and evaluating the whole range of their learning and development.

Timing of the Day

8.25am: Movement Bell

8.30am: Registration & Tutor Time

8.55am: Period 1

9.55am: Period 2

10.55am: Break

11.20am: Period 3

12.20pm: Period 4

1.20 – 1.55pm: Lunch

2.55pm: Period 5

Homework and Extension Tasks

Homework is a shared responsibility between teachers, students and parents. It is a vital and essential part of a student's learning and will be set on a regular and gradually increasing basis during their time at Greensward Academy. Students are provided with planners in which to record their homework.

The academy uses Show My Homework to set homework. All students and parents can access this website to see the homework that has been set and any resources needed.

Homework is considered to be an important component of every student's experience at Greensward Academy. Due to the nature of our two week timetable and the fact that not every class is taught by only one teacher within a subject area, strict timetables of homework setting are not published for each year group. However, staff follow the homework guidelines summarised below:

  • The amount of homework set will increase steadily as students progress through the school. Generally, Year 7 and 8 students will be set 30 minutes learning activities in two out of every three lessons in each subject over the two week timetable. These may be separate tasks or one extended piece of work. In Years 9-11 the homework tasks should take 45 minutes to reflect the increased demands of the Key Stage 4 curriculum.
  • Students in the Sixth Form would expect an average of 5 hours homework per week for each A Level/BTEC subject.
  • Homework will be set with a clear purpose and will be written by the student into their planners.
  • Staff and Teaching and Learning Leaders will monitor the setting and marking of homework.
  • Parents are encouraged to use the Home/School planner to inform staff when there are difficulties with a student completing their homework.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

The PSHEE programme at the academy develops students' attitudes towards subjects, teaches them knowledge and encourages them to become active citizens in a multi-cultural society. Local, national and global issues are covered such as:

  • The Environment
  • How Local and National Government Work
  • Charities
  • Racism and Discrimination
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Personal Safety (including online safety)

Please click the link to view the full programme across the academy Greensward Academy's PSHEE Programme

Careers Education and Guidance

There is a comprehensive careers programme throughout the academy, beginning in Year 7. Work experience is undertaken by Years 10 and 12 during Term 5 and support is given to our students in their post-16 applications. Students follow a Careers Education & Guidance course as part of the PSHE curriculum. Year 10 students participate in an Industry Day to enable them a glimpse into the world of work. All students in Year 11 have access to our independent Careers Advisor for a guidance meeting and will receive a personalised plan. All other year groups can make a self-referral if they wish to speak to the advisor. Lunchtime drop in sessions are also available.

Employability for Life

In Year 10 and 11 all students will follow Essex County Council's Employability for Life charter. It provides full information about a student's qualifications, abilities, achievements and experiences and thus provides a full record of his or her academic life. This document becomes the property of the student and may be shown to prospective employers. Students will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold EfL certificate once external moderation has taken place.