Year 8 into 9 Options

Year 8 into 9 KS3 Option Choices – The Elective Curriculum

Although your child will not be starting their GCSE option choice subjects in Year 9, we do believe in trying to create as personalised a curriculum as possible for students. As part of this aim we are allowing next year’s Year 9 students the chance to shape their curriculum by allowing them to focus on certain KS3 subjects in Year 9 and drop others. We have created a brand new Year 9 curriculum with a wide range of stimulating options, which will allow students to have a deep learning experience which will prepare them well for potential GCSE studies.

The Year 9 curriculum next year will consist of: English, Maths, Science, PE, History, Geography, PSHRE and French/Spanish. In addition, students will choose three subjects from a range of choices which are detailed in the online prospectus (link below). If parents/carers cannot access this then the students need to see Mrs Camy in CG12 who will distribute a paper version.

Students will not be starting their GCSEs in their optional subjects until Year 10 and will choose their GCSE options mid-way through Year 9. Students would still be able to choose from the above list of optional Year 9 subjects for their KS4 GCSE options even if they do not opt to study these in Year 9 e.g. a student could still choose Art if they wished for GCSE in Years 10 and 11 if they did not choose to study it in Year 9. We will try to accommodate your child’s choices where possible and ask that the students complete their choices online by Friday 6 July at 9.00am. The link to the option choice form is below.

If there are more students than we have places then we will allocate the places to those students who had it as a higher priority choice. Students therefore do need to think carefully about their order of preference for their option choices.

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