Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the arrangements with regard to taking medicines/antibiotics in school?

If your child has been prescribed medication or you have given your child a preferred branded medication to take, it must be handed in at Student Services for safekeeping and clearly marked with the student’s name and form group. The medication needs to be in its original packaging and with the pharmacy label attached if prescribed. Medication must not be carried by students to avoid the risk of it becoming lost and found by another student.

It is your child’s responsibility to remember to take their medication at the appropriate time and to go to Student Services to request it. Details of the time and medication taken will then be logged on our computer system.

We would also request a covering letter from you detailing when and how the medication is to be taken and giving your consent for your child to take responsibility for their own medication.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any medication sent in to Student Services is in date.

  • Where can I find the holiday dates?

These are available on our website:

  • Where can I find the email addresses for key contacts?

These are available on our website:

  • Do children come with parents to parents' evenings and do they wear uniform?

Yes, students are expected to attend parents' evenings and they should come in school uniform.

  • How do I find misplaced/lost items of uniform or PE kit?

Ideally your child should go to Student Services and ask Mrs Miller (Student Services Assistant)or a member of the PE staff to ask if it has been handed in. Alternatively parents can contact Mrs Miller by telephone.