Welcome to the FXA Library

Home to Heroes and Villians, Dragons and Sprites, plus many a thing that goes bump in the night!

Our Library is a very important and highly valued area of the school. Students are encouraged to use the Library in lessons, before school, during the lunch period and after school. There are approximately 15,000 books in the Library, as well as audio books, a number of periodicals to support Sixth Form studies and magazines for general interest. The Library is available for classes to use for research. In addition, we can provide collections of resources for students to use in the classroom, especially if the Library is already booked that lesson. We have a number of computers and iPads available in the Library, allowing a combination of resources to be used for research.

KS3 students have regular lessons in the Library to encourage reading. At the start of the year, they follow a programme to develop their library and information skills.

We have a state-of-the art computerised issuing system and catalogue, which allows students to write reviews for resources they have used. This is available to all students and staff, resources are issued through the use of the student id cards.

We hope that giving students plentiful access and freedom to use the library will equip them to handle information easily and confidently. We also hope to encourage a love of books and an enthusiasm for reading in our students that will stay with them throughout life.

Reading Ambassadors

We have a large group of Sixth form students dedicated to helping students in the lower years develop their reading skills. The students meet once or twice a week and will read together. This is proving to have a beneficial impact on the students involved with the programme.

Student Librarians

Students can apply to become Student Librarians. This involves working in the Library during break and lunchtimes on a rota. This helps give students a sense of ownership in the Library and develops a range of skills and responsibilities.

Work Experience

The library can offer a work experience placement to students in the 6th form. Skills covered are office administration and customer service.