Family Support


  • The children won't stop arguing

  • I can't stop worrying about everything

  • We don't have enough food

  • I've lost my job . We have no money.

  • The children won't do their school work

  • I find it really hard to be at home all the time with the children

  • I don't feel safe in our home

If you, or your family need advice or support we are here to help.

We will not judge you , or your situation, and cannot wave a magic wand to fix it all; but we can help you to work out a plan.

Early Help Assessment and Our Family Plan

If your family has more than one area of need, we can help to put a plan together for you . This will involve conversations with one of our Safeguarding Team to find out the viewpoint of you and your children about what is going well, what you are worried about and what needs to change. We will then set targets and work out support for your family.

Think Family

If your family has multiple areas of need or requires the support of a family support worker, then we can review your plan with you and, with your consent, involve other agencies to provide extra support.

Follow this link to the Birmingham Children's Trust for up to date local support and advice .